New features for 2021

Each year we attempt to take the feedback you provide us and update our site for the next season.  With COVID-19, we've added an additional focus to limit personal contact, address contract tracing, and ensure your event adheres to the strictest of health protection.

Instant Touchless Check-in with QR Codes

No more wasting your time waiting in line on race day. Just walk up to your race administrator and have them scan your QR code, and in seconds you're checked in. You can pull up your QR code on the AdminSkiRacing website or app, print it out and keep it on your lanyard, or even print a sticker to put on your helmet—we've seen everything! Race administrators can instantly see if each racer is registered properly for the current event without having to check a list, and a record of race attendance is automatically kept. This is instant touchless check-in with AdminSkiRacing.

COVID Coordinators

When creating a race, RAs can now enter in the name and contact information for a race's COVID Coordinator. This information is displayed on the event details page too, so every known .

Coach Virtual Meeting Links

With the mandate from US Ski & Snowboard to hold Team Captains meetings virtually, we will provide a location for the RA to post the Virtual Meeting link. This link to the virtual meeting will be visible ONLY to registered Coaches. In addition, 24 hours before the event we will email the link to all Registered Team Captains.  As as been the case for a few years, Coaches are able to register for an event as a coach at NO COST.  

Health Attestation Forms

With the mandate for every participant to complete the health attestation form within 48 hours of the race, we have included the following services.  First, at the 48 hour mark, we will email a link to all racers, requesting them to complete the health form.  Second, we will ask if they will have additional attendees, if so, we provide a form for them to complete as well.  Any responses that generate a concern will inform the participant to contact the Race Administrator for authorization to attend.  Third, race administrators will be able to view the status of the form completion by racer in a quick review, so that they can quickly identify if anyone still needs to complete the form, or if anyone should not attend as a result of how the form was completed.


The waitlist is finally here! When creating or editing an event, on the last page of editing, if you check "Enable event restrictions", you'll see the long-awaited waitlist checkbox! This means once you hit your registration cap(s), instead of just not being able to sign up, people will be put on the waitlist instead. You can view and release people from your waitlist using the new Waitlist button on your event's Event Details page. Nobody is charged until you release them from the waitlist—they will be notified by email to return to AdminSkiRacing and complete payment.