How to Create New Account


There are two different components of an AdminSkiRacing entity: the Account and the Participants.

  • Account - The account you use to log in to this site and manage your Participants.  Your payment information is stored in your Account.
  • Participant - In your Account, you can create Participants, fill in their associated race entry data, and sign them up for races, and allow them to be managed by multiple Accounts (such as coaches or other family members.)

This way, one Account can manage multiple Participants, and multiple Accounts can register a single Participant for a race.  However, only the primary account (the one that originally created the Participant) can edit the participant’s personal information.  Whether you are a racer, a parent or guardian, a coach, or anyone else, everyone will start by creating an Account.

Step 1

Go to the Create New Account page and create a new account by using this form.  It should look like this.

First, choose a username.  This will be used to identify your account and orders.

Next, enter your email address.  This must be a valid and active email address, since the verification email will be sent there.  Enter your email address again in the next box, to ensure sure you have entered it correctly.

Last, create a password. This password needs to be at least 6 characters long, and variety is encouraged to be sure it is secure. One great way to create a secure password is to use a short phrase with punctuation that you will remember.  Remember your password is case sensitive!  Enter your password again in the next box to ensure you have entered it correctly, and if they match, click Create New Account button.

You will see the page below until you complete the next step.

Create Account Pending

Step 2

Once you create your new account, your account will be "in limbo" until you receive the activation email, which looks like this:

Email Example

Step 3

Click the link in that email, and once you have logged in, you will be directed to your Participants page. This is the page where you will add your participants to the account.

Successful Login

When adding a Participant, if this is the first time the participant is being added to the account, it MUST be completed by Parent/Guardian OR the Racer. This Participant will need to have all their personal and contact information filled out before any other accounts (coaches, family, etc.) can register them for a race.

If you are a Parent/Guardian OR you are the Participant, Click Here for more information

If you are a Coach, Family Friend, or other relation to the participant, Click Here for more information