Parent/Guardian or Participant

Step 1 — Add Participant

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Step 2 — Choose USSA or FIS Participant Type

If you have a USSA number, you should add your Participant as a USSA participant. There is also a field in USSA Participants to add in the FIS Code.  The only time you should create an FIS Participant is if your participant is not a member of USSA. If you are FIS ONLY, Click Here to follow the FIS steps.

If you have both USSA and FIS affiliation, it is important to enter both ID numbers in your USSA Participant’s profile, as some Qualified Races are configured based on FIS Code, and your USSA Participant will need their FIS Code in their profile before they register for FIS Qualified Races.


Step 3 (USSA)

Enter the First Name, Last Name, and USSA # of the Participant. Admin Ski Racing will check the USSA Database to find your Participant’s information. Be sure you are entering the First Name USSA has on record; avoid nicknames if the USSA Database does not have them on record.

If the USSA Database finds a match for your Participant information, you will move on to the fill out the profile and contact information on Step 2 of the USSA Lookup Wizard. The Wizard will fill out as much information as possible from the USSA Database, and you will need to fill in the rest.

If you are directed to notification that your Participant has already been created, it means your participant is associated with a different primary Account.  If you believe this is in error, Contact Admin Ski Racing to find out more information about the Participant account that was created.
If you know the Participant was created previously, you may continue at Step 4 of the Coach, Family Friend, or Other Relation page.

Be sure you are using the correct Primary Club Short Name when filling out this information. This club affiliation will be checked when a membership discount applies to the registration. Further down on USSA Lookup Wizard Step 2 you will be asked for location information for the participant. This will not be shared; it is simply required information.

Once you have verified the Participant information is correct, and select Finish, you will be redirected back to your Participant page. From here, you can create additional participants or begin registering for races.

Click Here for further instruction on how to Register for a Race!