Tutorial - Adding Events

On your Dashboard you will see the button to Add an Event.

Add Event Button

While creating an Event, fill out as much information as you can about your race.


Add Event Dates

  • Event Date — The date of the race.
  • Registration Open Date and Time — When the registration period will open.
  • Registration Late Date (Optional) — If you want to impose a late fee, this is the date when the price will go up.
  • Registration Close Date and Time — When the registration period will close permanently.

Race Cost Information

Add Event Prices

Use dollar amounts only, not percents.

  • The Sell Price is the default price for most users.  (If it is $50, you will enter 50.)
  • The pass holder discount is the dollar amount OFF the Sell Price.  (For a $10 discount, you will enter 10.)
  • The late fee is the dollar amount to be added to the Sell Price after the Late Date.  (If the late fee is an extra $10, enter 10.)


Add Event Restrictions

Participants on the site usually have a USSA number in their profile, but some may only have a FIS ID (such as international racers).  If you don’t require a USSA number to race, you will want to check the FIS Race or Non-USSA Race box.  (USSA Racers will still be able to enter this race.)

Pass Holder Only — If your race is only open to racers who have selected your club as their primary club.

Qualified Race Settings

Restrictions Qualified

If you're only allowing a specific list of racers to join the race, enter the racers' USSA or FIS IDs in the appropriate box, one per line. This way, only the qualified Participants you entered will be allowed to sign up.

Enrollment Options


Genders — If your race is limited to a single gender, you can select it here. The race will give you a roster download for male and female racers separately.

Ages — Select the ages that may participate in this race. (If male and female racers have separate Age Limits for enrollment, you will need to create two events.)


PAGE 2: Enrollment Limits

If you have a limited number of spots open in your race, you can set Enrollment Limits on this page.

Add Event Limit

You can set a limit for total enrollments, OR you can set individual limits for each gender/age category set on the previous page.  Use one or the other, not both.

If you click the back button before you save, you may lose the limits you have set on this page, but you can go back and add any additional age groups you may have left out.

Click Finish, and you will see your event on your dashboard. From the Dashboard you can:

View All View Race Details
Edit Edit Race
Delete Delete Race (permanently)