How do Add-On Items Work?

An Add-on is an optional item you can attach to one or more of your events. It's a good way to sell lift tickets, vouchers, clothing, or other items for family members or other non-racers, because it doesn't have to be linked to an individual racer (anyone in the family can use it) and the buyer can choose any quantity to add to their cart.

  • You can choose which Add-ons will automatically show up on each event page
  • Customers can purchase multiple per event, even if they only have one racer
  • Add-Ons can be re-used across multiple events

After you create an event, you'll see the familiar View All, Edit, and/or Delete buttons on your Dashboard, but now you'll see a new one: Add-Ons.  Click this button to go to a list of your add-on items.

To create an Add-On, click the Add Add-on button. You'll be presented with two options:

  • New Item - If you want to create a brand new add-on item. If you select this, you'll have a few pre-loaded options for "item type", such as clothing or banquet ticket. If you'd like us to add another item type, let us know!
  • Existing Item - If you've already created this item on a previous event, and now you want to attach it to this event too. If you select this, you'll choose from a list of your existing add-on items.
Tip: Give your Add-on a descriptive name, so if you have several similar Add-ons you can keep track of which is which!

To view all of your Add-Ons, just go to your Dashboard. Your list of Add-Ons is right under your list of Events.

How do I see the purchases?

Go to your Dashboard, find the Add-on Item, and click the green View All button next to the item. You'll see all the purchases on that page.

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