We just revolutionized check-in.

No more wasting your time waiting in line on race day. Just walk up to your race administrator and have them scan your QR code, and in seconds you're checked in. You can pull up your QR code on the AdminSkiRacing website or app, print it out and keep it on your lanyard, or even print a sticker to put on your helmet—we've seen everything! Race administrators can instantly see if each racer is registered properly for the current event without having to check a list, and a record of race attendance is automatically kept. This is instant touchless check-in with AdminSkiRacing.

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Register for Ski Races and Events

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Fill in your participants' information just once... then share them with parents and coaches to sign them up for years to come!

AdminSkiRacing is America's leading online registration and management service for ski races and events across the country. Just login or create an account, verify your participants, and sign them up.

For skiers

Signing up for ski events shouldn't take you all day. AdminSkiRacing has you covered.

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For coaches

Learn how to sign up your whole team at once, and sign yourself up for free.

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For admins

Organize and list races and events with multiple rosters, and collect payments with the click of a button.

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