Admin Ski Racing For Race Administrators

Are you a Race Administrator?

Admin Ski Racing may be the best administrative tool and resource for your events.  Created as a collaborative effort between a number of Race Administrators and AdminSports. Admin Ski Racing provides you the tools to easily create and manage your events and participants.  Here is a short list of key features:

  • Event Creation - Need to create an event across age groups and genders?  Instead of creating multiple instances, create one event using Event Creation Wizard and Admin Ski Racing generates the rest.
  • Member Management - Need to update a participants race?  Easy one page updates.
  • Data Exports - Need your race information exported for use?  Easy single click downloads for common formats.
  • Mobile Use - Want to access your information on your phone or tablet?  Admin Ski Racing automatically adjusts to fit your viewing device - Your on the go, shouldn't your site be?
  • Refunds  - Need to be able to refund participants who can not complete the race, not a problem, simple one click refunds.

To apply to list your events on Admin Ski Racing - please log into your Admin Ski Racing account and complete the application form.  If you don't have an account, create one using the link below, confirm your account via the email you will receive, and then complete the application form using the link below.

  • Create Account - Given the security of data on the site, we need you to complete an account PRIOR to registering your host-site (venue).
  • Complete Application - Once you have created your account, return to this page, and select the Complete Application to register your host-site (venue). 

Have Questions?

You want to learn more about Admin Ski Racing, how the system works, how events are entered, no problem.  Use the contact us form, provide us with your phone number and we will contact you shortly.