AdminSkiRacing for Race Administrators

What can AdminSkiRacing do that others can't?

  • Build and Save Families — Instead of filling in your participant's information every time you register, just save their profile in our system once and re-use it for years to come!  This makes it easy for spouses, coaches, or divorced families to share access to a participant's profile and their upcoming races.

  • Automatic Membership Checks — We automatically checks racers' membership status in real time for U.S. Ski & Snowboard (USSA) as well as regional bodies such as VARA, NHARA, NYSSRA, and SARA. We can even display what specific type of membership the racer has, and we make it easy to block registrations from non-current members.  We're already the registration provider for these organizations, so we have the closest relationship with them.

  • Automatic Age & Gender Grouping — On other sites you would have to create a separate event for each gender and/or age group.  Not here—just create one event, and we'll split the roster by age and gender in whatever way you want.

  • Live Chat Support — Parents, coaches, and admins can live chat with us any time we're in the office (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm EST) with near-instant response time, and leave a message for us if it's after business hours.

AdminSkiRacing makes it very easy to create and manage your ski events, coaches, and participants, along with great customer support!

  • Event Creation — Need to create an event with multiple age groups and genders?  Instead of creating multiple instances, just create one event using Event Creation Wizard and we take care of the rest. Learn more

  • Data Exports — Easy one-click downloads in common spreadsheet formats.

  • Mobile-Friendly — Want to access your information, register, or refund on the go?  This site dynamically adjusts to fit perfectly on devices of all sizes.

  • Simple one-click refunds — Easy partial or full refunds

AdminSkiRacing vs. SkiReg

Reg. fee6.25%6.50% + $1.25 - Starts at!
Free live chatMon-Fri 9am-5pmNo
Automatically check memberships with US Ski & Snowboard, NYSSRA, VARA, and/or SARAYesNo
Touchless check-in appYesNo
Integrated COVID Health ChecksYesNo
Shares racer information with advertisersNoYes

How do I get started?

To list your events on AdminSkiRacing, log in or create an account and then fill out a host site application form.

Still have questions?

Email [email protected] or use our contact form, and we will contact you shortly!