Event Message

If the occasion arises where you will need to send a notification to all racers who are registered for an event, such as cancellation of the event or postponement, you can send a notification email through the Event Detail page.

Look for the Event Message button on the Details page

Event Message Button

Event Message Page

The copy in the email will read:

"Hello {First Name} {Last Name},

You are receiving this message because you are registered for {event title} on {event date}. The RA for this event would like to notify you of the following:
{Email Message Text}"

Here is an example of an email you can send with this tool, and how it will look in Gmail.

Event Message Text

Users will see something like this:

Event Message Gmail

This email comes from [email protected], so users will NOT be able to respond from this email. It is a notification email only.  You will need to include contact information in the Email Message if you expect racers to respond.