Frequently Asked Questions


  • I can't make the race - how do I get a refund?

    When you cannot attend a race that you have registered for, you will need to contact the Race Administrator for that event to discuss their refund policies. While we work closely with each host site, the decision to refund remains solely with the Race Administrator, not us.
  • My race was cancelled - When do I get a refund?

    If the Race Administrator instructs us to refund a race, you will typically receive the refund within a week of this instruction.  The refund will be credited to the card used to purchase the Race Entry.  Please familiarize yourself with your regional refund policies.

  • My race was cancelled, can you refund the processing fee?

     When you register, the processing fee is immediately distributed to the credit card companies, so unfortunately the processing fee is non-refundable.


  • Should I create an FIS or US Ski & Snowboard account?

    If you are a USSA racer who has a FIS number as well, you will want to create a USSA account first, and add your FIS number to that account. If you do not have a USSA number, you will create the FIS account.
  • My US Ski & Snowboard Validation isn't working!

    Sometimes it's easy to make a mistake entering your information on the screen, so we urge you to double-check that you have accurately entered your name and USSA number. If you continue to have an issue with USSA validation, please use the Contact Us form and provide us a detailed explanation of your concern and we will address within two business days.
  • Where do I pay my VARA dues?

    VARA dues are processed through their own website — You will need to go HERE to register for VARA.
  • I just renewed my US Ski & Snowboard number, can I register right away?

    USSA works very quickly in updating their database, but we are unable to process an registration until we can confirm your USSA number. Therefore, we suggest you wait until the next day to register on our site.
  • Do I need both FIS and US Ski & Snowboard in my profile?

    As a US Ski & Snowboard racer, you are not required to include an FIS number in your account, but if you would like to be eligible for FIS races you will need to have the FIS number in your account too.  As a general rule, if you have both FIS and USSA, include them both.
  • I’m a parent/guardian/relative/coach of a Participant who has already registered, how do I sign up to pay their registration?

    To add an existing Participant to your account, you will start by creating your AdminSkiRacing account. Once you create your AdminSkiRacing account, you will continue to Add Participant and enter your racer’s information. The Participant with matching information will be found and added to your account.  (You will not be able to change information about the Participant, only the original Participant creator can change this information.)


  • We are season pass holders, how do we apply for a discount?

    If you are a season pass holder, your discount will automatically apply to your order if applicable.
  • Why isn’t the discount rate applying?

    If the race administrator has entered the discount correctly, the discount rate will apply automatically at checkout.  If you believe you should have a discount applied to your registration and do not see it in checkout, you will want to contact your Race Administrator for more information about their discount policies.


  • How do I find a race?

    The full list of races can be found HERE.  However, when you want to register for a race, you will only see the races you are eligible for by age, gender, and qualification.
  • What if the race I am looking for isn’t available?

    If you believe you should be eligible to register for a race, and you do not see it on your Registration list, you should contact the Race Administrator for that race to find out why you are not eligible.
  • How do I know that my child/racer will be qualified?

    If the race is set up as a Qualified Race and your racer is eligible, you will see the race on the Registration page. If you believe your racer should have been qualified for the race and it is not displaying on your Registration page, please verify your racer has the correct FIS or USSA number in their profile and contact your RA to see that your racer has been added accurately to the Qualifying list.
  • The race is sold out, is there a waiting list?

    You will have to contact your Race Administrator for this information.


  • How do I sign up as a Race Administrator?

    By completing the Host Site application, you will receive your Race Administrator credentials.
  • How do I sign up as a Host Site?

    You will need to create a standard AdminSkiRacing account, and then complete this form.
  • What is a Site Manager?

    Sometimes a Race Administrator may have an assistant who will need to be able to manage or create events on behalf of the Race Administrator.  Site Managers are assigned by Race Administrators to have the authority to make changes to events using their own account.
  • When can we expect payment?

    Beginning on Monday of each week, we conduct a reconcilation of events and payments.  If there are issues or discrepencies, you are contacted as soon as they are identified.  As long as a reconciliation is without issue, payment is dispursed on Wednesdays.
  • How do I add an event?

    Follow this tutorial to add an event.
  • How do I email all participants of a race?

    Follow this tutorial to email participants of a race.
  • How do I issue refunds?

    Follow this tutorial to issue a refund.
  • How do I manually enter registrations?

    Follow this tutorial to manually enter race registrations.